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To define it in a sentence, coding is writing a set of instructions which enable a computer to perform a task in a form (language) that the computer can understand. That’s not the whole story though, coding is that and so much more; coding is one of the most important and exciting tools you can give to your child to set them up for the road ahead.

To anyone who isn’t sure about it, coding is everywhere, it’s the bread and butter of the computer world, keeping everything together and helping it run properly. It has been around since the 1950’s but it’s only in the past fifteen or so years that its importance and value has grown; this is why coding and computing, and all of the skills that come with them are so important in the modern era.

The world is changing and technology is becoming more integrated in our societies, jobs and everyday lives and it’s up to us to move with it and teach our children, the next generation, how to get by and prosper in the world they will grow up with.

Coding allows your child to learn how to program, teaching them how to make anything from a simple calculator to the most complex game, and all things that come in-between. This knowledge is not just necessary, but essential in the modern day as it is predicted that in fifteen more years there will be an 80% increase in the demand for programmers, meaning there is a constant need for an increasingly more in-depth knowledge of computers, computer science, and of course, coding.

Your child learning to code from an early age will set them up for the future and give them an invaluable toolkit, allowing them to keep up with the expansions in computing for years to come.

Aside from setting up your child for their potential career, coding also gives them a chance to learn and develop transferable skills such as problem solving, creativity, confidence, independence. All of these are skills we want our children to have, and they are skills which children naturally learn and develop through coding which can benefit them in their school subjects across the board, from helping them to think logically and understand sequences in maths, to aiding them in thinking outside of the box for their answers in their English and history lessons.

We all want to see our children flourish and learning to code, while not the be all and the end all, is a vital skill in the ever-changing, ever-evolving world which is the current global climate. Not every child will want to be a coder when they grow up, however, almost all children would jump at the chance to program a robot or make a game.

That’s where we come in. Here at the School of Coding we can give your child the chance to do just that while they learn the fundamentals of computing, and while they subconsciously improve their English and Maths skills, and most importantly of all, they can learn all of this while having fun and doing something a little extraordinary. You never know, your child taking part in a coding club at age 7 could spark a passion which turns them into one of the greats of the tech-world at age 27.


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